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mother of ALYSSA TIEW JING WEI (age 8)
My child has shown improvement in art, from basic art drawing - using one plain colour to colour a particular object - to appreciating many different colours; such as using certain colours for toning, background, shadow and etc, resulting in a more lively and interesting drawing. She loves to attend classes, and always look forward to attend the next class. This is particularly due to the wonderful teachers who taught her well and the programme which I believe to be very good and professional. She enjoys the lessons very much. Her creativity and imagination had gone a level up, from a dull and boring prospect of looking at a certain picture, to having the ability to look further into interesting by-objects that are around and surrounding the main picture.
Uma Muthusamy
mother of DIVEYAA (age 8) & DIVYESSH (age 5)
My children’s art has improved tremendously. That is the right word I could use. They have gained confidence in themselves, and they project this confidence when they are doing other things related to art and craft. My kids enjoy coming for classes, and they look forward to attend their classes every week. Their creativity has developed very well. They can think “out of the box”. Well done to Da Vinci. Keep up the great job. Thanks to everyone (all the teachers)
Ng Hoay Hoon
mother of LOO GUAN LIN (age 8)
Guan Lin likes to practice at home, repeating the title of his Da Vinci lessons, applying what he had learned. He seems to enjoy attending the classes. Interestingly, one day after he cut out and scattered some papers around, we found 12 different cut-out patterns lying there….” Guan Lin posing with his Magic Match/Matchbox (blowart) and Watch Shop (treasure box).
Koay Ai Ching
mother of KHOO MIIN HWEY (age 5)
“Miin Hwey keeps reminding us to bring her to your Da Vinci Centre way ahead of time. She would pick up papers and start scribbling objects like sun/house/human etc… at home and we noticed obvious improvement in her cutting skills and hand stability. She shows great interest towards craft too.”
Lim Dean Yann
mother of MOK YAN LING (age 7)
Yan Ling has improved tremendously on her drawing and colouring skills. Even her school teacher has noticed her improvement especially in application of colours. She really loves to come to the art class. Sometimes, she insists to attend classes twice a week. She also practices a lot during her leisure time at home. Mrs. Mok particularly highlighted that her school teacher was surprised that Yan Ling can link the alphabet ‘Y’ to drawing a tree! Her imagination and creativity has definitely come to shine.
Serena Tan
mother of MIRA XUEN HARRIS(age 8)
Mira has improved a lot on her colouring method. It is more clean and neat, and now she knows about the family colours and is definitely making the artwork much more interesting. She really enjoys mixing poster colours and she gets excited when 2 colours mixed together as it will result in a new colour! Mira will not forget about her weekly art class schedule. Nowadays, when she picks up some ideas from the TV, she will apply her own imagination especially on “recyclable items”; she will pick up cans, boxes and even magazine’s colourful papers, and hand-made them into cards, house, paper dolls etc.
mother of JOEL STEVE FRANCISCUS (age 7)
Joel has always loved drawing but now after attending classes he has become more passionate about art. He takes great interest in drawing and colouring. He has been getting lots of compliments from his school teachers about his vibrant colouring. He looks forward to attend classes every week. He insists that we send him to class punctually. He has become very confident about expressing his ideas through art and drawing. He also tries to create new things from whatever he lays his hands on.
Louisa See
mother of HEN QING (age 6)
She has improved a lot especially on colouring. Previously, she used to be very impatient with art. Now, Hen Qing enjoys the classes very much. She hopes that she can attend art class everyday. She said that she wants to become an artist when she grows up. She is becoming more creative. As a mother, this is what I want to see in her. To be more creative.
Ong Wei Liang
mother of YAP XIAO WEI (age 10)
Before Xiao Wei joined Da Vinci Creative Kids Development Centre, her art work is usually very plain. Now her art work is more lively and interesting. I can see more creativity in her work; she is more daring and open in using colours.
Shobah Roy
mother of NATASHA SHIECANIE (age 6)
Ever since my daughter joined "Da Vinci Creative Kids Development Centre", I am able to see an overall improvement with her art work. She colours very well now and her creative work such as making crafts has improved tremendously. She received compliments from her teachers in school and friends who has seen her work. If there is one class that Natassha refuses to miss, it certainly is her Art class which she looks forward to every weekend! To the Da Vinci Creative Kids Development Centre team: - “Thank you and keep up the good work!"
Mrs Tan
Their art has improved quite significantly. They don’t want to miss any classes and their creativity has improved. I find the programmes arranged for the children are well-structured.
Mrs Van Meurs
mother of JULIA VAN MEURS (age 9)
Her art has improved very much. She is excited to come for the classes and her creativity has improved 100%. I find the young teachers creative and they help to boost her creativity.
Mrs Tan
mother of TAN SHAO JUN (age 9)
His art has improved. Previously his drawings were too small and lacked creativity. I can see his progress, especially in colouring after 6 months. He looks forward and is excited to come for the class. His creativity has developed and is proven in his school work as his work has been proudly displayed at his school’s notice board.
Ms Eliza Chen
mother of SABRINA AYLES (age 7)
Her art has improved, she can even draw a proper human face. She enjoys coming for classes and her creativity has developed a lot.
Mrs Lai
mother of LAI HUI YIN (age 7)
Her art has improved as compared to before. She has a lot of fun in the class. I find her to be more creative as she knows how to draw. I find that Da Vinci is a good place for my children to learn art.
Tiffany Lean
mother of TEY HE YANG, RYAN (age 7)
Ryan attended Da Vinci at the age of 6 years old. Since then, he has been showing remarkable improvement in his drawing skill, colouring creativity and most importantly his interest in art. These are proven from his artworks in school. I would like to thank the Da Vinci Puchong centre for their high commitment to Ryan and a job well done !!
Peggy Siew
mother of ESTEE LIM XIN YI (age 8)
Xin Yi improved a lot in her drawing skill; even her school teacher noticed. She enjoys attending the art classes and sometimes even request to attend more than once a week. Her imagination & creativity has improved ever since.
Ong Chee Yoong
father of ONG JING HAN (age 7),
         ONG JING XUAN (age 5)
Da Vinci programme brings out the inner creativity in children. We see our kids developing quality learning attitude while tremendously improving their art skills. They are happy in a wild and rich imaginative world that is colourful and full of surprises.
Billy Teh
father of ADRIAN TEH WEI PING (age 9)
“Adrian’s art has improved significantly, along with his soft skills. He likes drawing, colouring and making crafts at home, while learning more ideas that will improve his art skills.”
Ong Chee Wai
father of ONG LI JUN (age 8)
“Li Jun’s art has definitely improved as compared to before. He is more sensitive to family colours and has developed interest for drawing (especially comics) during his free time. He also enjoys the companion of his friends and teachers during lessons and the many artworks he has learned. We can see the improvement of Li Jun’s creative mind and shall let him continue with this learning journey as long as he enjoys it.”
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